Tackle Football


  • Age: 8-12 years. 
  • Grade based team 3rd grade – 7th grade
  • Play on Regulation Size Football Fields both grass and field turf.
  • Unlimited Weight to play on team.
  • We use a TDJ or equivalent size football.

*At the Weigh-in (TBA)

1) Weigh in.

2) Provide proof of grade & age (Birth Certificate).

3) Pay all remaining fees in full. 

4) Have a physical completed by a nurse on site (TBA) or receive it from your personal physician before July 30, 2020.


  • 1st day of practice begins on MAY 11, 2020
  • Location: 7500 Holmes at Tower Park.
  • Time: Monday, Tuesday  &  Thursday 6  to  8.00pm.
  • Saturday is FUNDRAISER DAY

Share this information with others who maybe interested in joining the Kansas City Knights!  We are excited to chat with you soon.



  • Age: 4-7 years. 
  • (Kindergartens - 2nd grade)
  • Play on Regulation 1/2 Width Size Football Fields both grass and field turf.
  • Unlimited Weight to play on team.
  • We use a K2 or equivalent size football.

T-Ball Program


The co-ed T-ball Program will be a great introduction to Kansas City Knights Sports, and provide a great experience for all participants.  The program is designed for players that will be 5 or 6 years old on May 1.  T-Ball Player Registration will include a Uniform Shirt and Hat that players can keep and the uniform pants are to be return at the end of season.

KC Knights Baseball will provide all of the required team equipment including a batting tee, baseballs, and batting helmets. We will need volunteer parents to be on-field assistants for our teams.

  • $55 per Player
  • Uniform  Shirt, Pants, & Hat provide
  • (10) Week Program from April - June
  • Approximately 1/2 Games will be Weeknight 5:45pm and 1/2 Games will be Saturday 9:00am
  • Practices Days on Wednesday, Friday @ 6pm and on Saturday (TBA) @ the Kansas City Swope Park
  • Teams will be created from registered players
  • Volunteer Parent Coaches will be needed


GEARING UP FOR 2020 football


Kindergarten & 2nd Grade Flag Football  

3rd Grade - 7th Grade Tackle Football

Kansas City Knights Youth Football Program offers Flag Football  for  kindergarten - 2nd Graders within the Kansas City Metro Area. We are currently accepting players for the 2020  season. We will play approximately a 6 game season running from September through the end of October. Practices start on May 11, with games kicking off after Labor Day Weekend.

Our participation fees may vary from other teams as we include everything within our fees... We don't just charge a participation fee then make you go buy or pay extra for your equipment or jerseys. We include league games, Insurance and equipment within our player participation fees. We also do team fundraisers to help cover the costs to make everything affordable for all families. 



Queen Presence Elite - The Newest Cheer Competitive Squad

Queen Presence Elite Is affiliated with the Kansas City Knights Youth Sports

 and  is a Competitive Cheer / Dance / Gymnastics Organization, QPE.

  • 04/27/2019 The US Finals - Grand Champs
  • 03/10/2019 Cheer Sport - 1st Place
  • 03/23/2019 CoA Cheer and Dance - 1st Place
  • By next December we will be  in  Florida competition.

If you’re interested in a highly competitive National Champion Dance Team, 

QPE is the program for you. 

Sideline Cheer

Get The Audience Excited!

Sideline cheer is a term used to differentiate between team support cheer and competitive cheer. Sideline cheers are performed on the side of the field to encourage the team and keep the audience energized while the game is going on.

Stand Up, Let’s Hear You Cheer, Go, Fight, Win! 



Cheer workout will include: cardiovascular exercise, core strengthening  and  stretching.  Lady Knights will performing about 45 + minutes of stretching, cardio, and core strengthening at practice. They will do exercises, such as squats, lunges, side planks, superman hold, step-ups and etc. This will help them to be better withstand vigorous cheer routines which benefit cheerleaders and boost self confidence and improve self-esteem.

Share this information with others who maybe interested in joining the Kansas City Knights! We are excited to chat with you soon.